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This book traces the life of one of the great early Australians – Sir John Jamison. He was a man of high intellectual and practical endeavour. Over his lifetime, he was the friend of governors and convicts, be the latter servants or emancipists. He was a truly remarkable man who had an influence on Australian politics, economics, exploration, sports, agriculture, education, and justice.
The majority of the story takes place in the period 1800-1850 as the original colony slowly grew from a penal settlement to a broad-based civilization with its own unique culture. Men like Sir John were pioneers in creating that culture. It was a time when leaders emerged from various walks of life. Sir John gave up his medical and nautical careers to become a businessman and statesman of unique talent and individuality. He was an incredibly wealthy entrepreneur who often flaunted the rules of society with audacious behavior, siring many children with convict –related mistresses but marrying only shortly before his death.
Sir John amazed his contemporaries by building a magnificent abode 35 miles from Sydney on the banks of the Nepean River. The vast estate and its incredible mansion went by the name of Regentville. Over 100 convicts were employed there and it became an elegant retreat for governors, other ranking officials, and explorers of note. Lavish, hedonistic balls attracted varied echelons of high society.
Sir John died there leaving a remarkable legacy unmatched by any follower.
The story is based on years of in-depth physical and electronic research. Where detailed facts were not available for certain events I have tried to fairly represent the spirit of the populace, the place, and the character of Sir John.
Since much is subject to personal interpretation it must be realized that, even so, this remains a work of fiction.
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Books about Influentials

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